Frequently Asked QUESTIONS



The Guard Players Open follows the official Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association rule set:

  • Referees have the authority to stop a match when either of the competitors are in danger of serious bodily harm as a result of a submission and award the victory to the competitor applying the submission. 

  • Cervical locks or neck cranks are not allowed.

  • Juveniles (athletes under 18) and white belts are not permitted to compete in the Absolute divisions.

  • Wrestling shoes or any other type of shoes, headgear, shirts/rash guards under the kimono (except for females) and any kind of protective gear that may affect the outcome of the match are not allowed in competition.


Weight-ins will be conducted with the kimono and occur right before each competitors first match or right after their division is called. 

Competitors will only have one chance to make weight for their division. Please ensure you have registered for the correct division upon registration. Please email us before the deadline before the event to make any changes. 

Failure to make weight at the event will result in the athlete being disqualified without exception.


AGE/BELT RANKING                TIME

5, 6      years old                    2 minutes  

7, 8      years old                    3 minutes

9, 10    years old                    3 minutes

11, 12  years old                    4 minutes

13 - 15 years old                    4 minutes

16, 17  years old                    5 minutes

White Belt                               5 minutes

Blue Belt                                  6 minutes

Purple Belt                              7 minutes

Brown/Black Belt                 10 minutes


Purple/Brown/Black Belt      8 minutes